Eco Pampa Hostel


Eco Pampa Hostel assumes a genuine commitment with our environment. Given the ecological standards, from the time of initiation of civil works to the actions that constitute the day-to-day activity, covering the entire value’s chain. From the dialy practical of employees to the degrees politics.

Eco Pampa Hostel meets the international standards in “green” hospitality to ensure the sustainable reduction of carbon emissions and the decrease of the footprint emissions of each guest through:

⇒ Reduction

– Improving the use of energy, fuel, water and raw materials.
– Savings in the treatment of emissions, discharges or waste through reduction plans.
– Establishment of special policies to reduce consumption, materials and efficient equipment of energy, non-use of unnecessary resources in posters and signage devices, energy sources and water distribution, among others.

⇒ Conditioning

– Use of enclosures and energy conservation systems.
– Policy HVAC equipment at 24 ° in summer.
– Policy HVAC equipment at 22 ° in hibernal season.
– Conversion to low-consumption lighting.
– Conversion to grade electronic devices in refrigerators, freezers and monitors.
– Recycling of all waste generated and disposal of materials that are not posible to recover.
– Energy saver in all rooms.

⇒ Green Roofs

– “alive” terrace able to use by guests for relaxing, sunbathing, meditating, etc.
– Green roof that contributes to the whole environment.
– Aromatic organic orchard.
– Native plants at indoor and outdoor spaces.